Thursday, May 12, 2005

Closer, and closer to the end of the semster

The term is going to end... normaly this is the best time to start revising what one has learned from the being of the semster...
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But it is also the almost time to celebrate Hari Gawai... Mmmmm Tuwak! Image hosted by And inconjuction to that it is also time to celebrate the coming of a city... Yes... Miri town is going to be called no more a town but a city resourt. Miri City! ... Ta da!

Funny as it is, i am a Bruneian studing in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. In an institute called Curtin University, Sarawak campus and i am actually excited about it...well not really that much Image hosted by, but non the less i am excited Image hosted by Maybe its just for the fact that the change over is going to happen during my time and that i happen to be in the Miri itself.

I just got comfirmation that i will be taking part in the float parade that is going to happen for the Hari Gawai cum Miri City Resourt Image hosted by I am going to be waving my hand to the crowds that going to turn up that evening... Image hosted by

Well I am off to take a shower...Image hosted by
... its been a hot day here... then again i will still have to be under the blistering sun Image hosted by, to watch my other peers practices for the cultural dance and modern dance... Gambate!
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