Monday, February 22, 2010

Brunei Shutters - Ulu ulu Temburong trip

Wow its been ages since I have last posted anything up...Have not had the heart to I guess...But since I just had a photography competition felt like posting my photos up again. Brunei Shutter, something like a realty show on photography, with a judging panel and all. The 1st & only round brought me to Temburong, to the exclusive resort, Ulu ulu National Park Resort. The journey, the site, sound & smell all fused into one huge experience, not to mention that I learned too from this trip...naturally I was not the only one on this trip, and learned a few things from them too.

White waters
White waters

Shallow bottom

Only way in & out

The Journey

Walk up to the canopy

I am going to be that day!
The Canopy

Wild with age

All I can say at the end of the trip is that there is a haven on just have to look in your own backyard.

Mode of transport