Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why do I do things that I do...

I wonder some time, when I get the chance to, is why do I do so much activates? I know those that knows me, will at one point asks themselves or at one point ask...

"Why does he do so much? Why is he so busy?"

Honestly, I really don't know. I am assuming here that because of my character, I cannot be idle for to long. If that is the case I really hope this does not affect my personal personal life... Ever since I can remember, I have been getting myself involved in numerous activities inside and outside of the studding community. Here are a list that i remember that I have enlisted or was invited into activities since I have entered Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus.
* activities involving with Curtin Volunteers! (CV!)
*Not in following order*

Year 2004
· Student orientation advising & registration advisor (S.O.A.R. Advisor) - Semester 2
· Treasure Hunt ’04 – cooperation between Bintang Plaza, Celcom and Curtin Volunteers – O.C. organizing committee*
· John Curtin Month – organizing committee*
· Mathematics workshop for secondary schools – organizing committee*
· Dance for humanity – participant*
· Long house visitation & community work*
· Blood donation assistant semester 1 & 2*
· Curtin Carnival “Be energized, be thrilled, be in it!” - MC

Year 2005
· S.O.A.R. Advisor - semester 1 & 2.
· O.C. blood donation semester 1 & 2*
· Miri city Proclamation night – participant*
· Miri city Parade – participant (Champions in 3-tonne category)*
· Motivation talks @ SMK Chung Hua – assistant*
· CV! Professional advancement training: Into the future – participant*
· Campus tour coordinator training – trainer*
· John Curtin month – committee member*
· Gawaii Long house 3 days visitation*
· Run for Charity 2 – organizing committee*
· Fund day with the special sun – (collect donations for the special children Olympics) volunteer helper*
· Curtin Camp 05-Lifelong learning, learning for life: Head of mentors*
· Curtin Carnival “Celebrate U!” – MC*
· Leo anniversary dinner – dance performer*
· Head of Administration & Planning division (Curtin Volunteers!)*
· Rugby: Curtin Wanders – Champions

Year 2006
· Student Council – I.T. subsidiary council
· Curtin Online Registration & Enrolment (C.O.R.E.) – Committee member
· S.O.A.R. Advisor – semester 1 & 2
· Advisor for blood donation semester 1*
· Explore Curtin 06 – Motivational group dynamics assistant*
· 1st Jazz Festival in Miri – Committee & crew member
· Rugby playing for Miri Rugby Association (MRA): President cup-1st runner up
· Campus tour coordinator training – Advisor*

More recent I was invited to be a committee member for the future Curtin online registration & enrolment program. This is collaboration between SECODER & Student Council.

I wonder where my adventurous self-will or fates will take me next… Time will tell.