Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Japanese Ode

The sky
Scorhed by the sun,
Fecund tears.

But the forest
Wounded by the wind,
Dead leaves.

James Clavell's Bestselling Noval

Saturday, December 24, 2005


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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meaning full yet lost in meaning quote...

"If the truth is already clear, what is the use of meditation?
And if the truth is hidden?
It's already clear."

Ancient Tantaric Buddhist teacher, Saraha.
From James Clavell's Bestselling novel - Shogun

Friday, December 02, 2005

Temper, temper, according to the Horoscope


You are recognized by your cheerful disposition and your jovial nature is easily susceptible to anger. In fact, you are the best person to have around when there is an ugly scene at a party you can bring the warring factions together quite diplomatically. But when you lose cool, you yell and scream and will not listen to reason. You must have the last word in a wordy duel. Your capacity to argue aggressively is matched only by your seductive charm.

Perosnal note: True Kah?

Where O where has Capital Gone?

A new start to the day...well it was more of in the middle of the night, when i was heading back home after a good night of dinner at Tenaga, a northern Indian restuarten (best fish tikka masalah...Hmmmmm), and a 'cup-a-Joe' at the local coffee house (Coffee Zone).

When I got in to my car to drive off home, the radio tuned at 100.01fm was playing a Kenny G. number... first thought was that somebody important had died in England... that was not the case, thank goodness...

A voice... A voice that sounded familiar to my ears. Sounds like a Bruneian speaking English...

"We're sorry but this channel has been discontinued of its services"


Like a train hitting me at full speed, Brunei has ended broadcasting Capital Fm on Brunei frequencies...Including Capital Gold... Sigh!

Now i am to resort to listening to local Dj's... Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t against them but at one point of the day i heard this Dj make 9 different mistakes on air... 9 TIMES!

Hope that this is not a permanent thing…if it is...then I am going to switch to CD’s only as a in car listening entertainment, except in Malaysia…there are some good stations there.

Time will tell if Capital will be back again. Crossed fingers