Friday, September 08, 2006

Yet another brother...

Current mood: somewhere in between almost happy but not...?
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Its been a while since I last blog. Had a number of events that has occurred and wanted to blog about it, but didn't have the mood to blog about it.

Now on the other hand, this time around, I just had to blog. As my previous blog "Just a brother (March 17, 2005)". It happened again... Once again, I have become brother...

A new semester has started in Curtin once again, orientation ran as normal (normal to Curtin standard). One of the best way to meet people and make new friends. A Malay terminology would be "chuchi mata", translated, scope out chicks. Don't get me wrong, I help run the orientation is to help the new student get use to Curtins environment... anyway in any case, I met a person of bubbling personality. Someone that I can click with. Her background is some what similar to mine, studied abroad. To simplified it, let me put it in to internet terms...there are many ways of connecting to the internet right... there is dial up, cable, ADSL, and WiFi. With this in mind, connection that we shard (to what I believe, and I she agrees too) is WiFi, no telephone line, not cable, just excellent connectivity where ever we go.

Well to cut a long story, my feeling for her grew...some issues arise and I took the opportunity to show and tell my feelings. Again, cut a story short, she told me that I am like a brother to her... *sigh*

... in a funny way I understand...somewhat...

Brotherhood strikes again...
I am sorry, if this blogging is not making the sense... It something I just have to type it out of my system in such short notice, to more or less lift this burdern that I have put on myself and self-perservation.

I just have to patient.

Notice: In writing this blog, no keypad was harmed.