Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pizza Galore

I am a big fan of Italian foods, you name it I most probably have had tried it at some point of my glutton life! But then again in my dictionary there is no such thing as glutton or the saying ‘gluttony is a sin’… I believe in having your way with food to a certain extent where you do not over eat and end up looking and feel like 5”9’ over stuffed turkey on thanks giving day. *Flash back…. groan! *

Well for those who are like myself, love Italian food, namely pizza here is something to look forward too…

There is a pizzeria that is selling pizza of 150 slices on one pie! Visualize your favourite toppings on a 3 feet by 4.5 feet pizza pie… that’s like the length of my whole leg and the width of my arm. For those that are willing to hand $99 for this HUGE ASS pizza pie, then I recommend this. Additional note if you do plan to purchase this mother of a pizza pie then what the owner recommend is that you should call ahead if you were to order. It takes 15minutes to prepare and roughly around 20 to 25 minutes to bake. Ingredients that goes into making this is roughly 20 pounds (equivalent to 9.1 kg) of dough, 1 gallon of sauce, 15 pounds (equivalent to 6.8 kg) of cheese! *Mouth waters*

Good news for the pizza lovers…
Bad news for those that live at other places other then in McKees Rock, Pittsburgh…*SIGH*

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