Monday, April 21, 2008

More from Jonlajoie

More flicks from Jon...Wakakaka


Pedophile Beards

Its hilarious!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miri's own window dancer!

In Amsterdam around the Red Light District...literally Red light district there are house with huge windows to look through.

Image from mattfullerty

What you see are exotic dancers selling their trade. Pulling & enticing would be customers into their lair for devious acts and pleasure.
On a not so similar case... Miri has their very own...
Another Raymond's Production: "The Window Dancer"

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Special thanks too:
  • Raymond for recording the film
  • Ham for sending the file.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Japanese Pranks are just to hilarious

Japanese Pranks are just out right are some of my favorites

Massaging Chairs

Beware of the Toilets

At the gym...

Somebal's Secret (a re-link)

Here is a moment of a night that a bunch of people didn't know what to do with their free time...what bordom can do to a person...
I proudly present to you a Raymond production "Somebal Secret"

George....i mean Raymond...Thanks for recording it.
Special thanks to George, May, Ian, Hisham

This video was made just for fun.
No Animals was hurt during the making of the clip.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Charity of Paint - A kenyalang Mental Health Association group aid!

Notice to all CV! members

Curtin Volunteers! Sarawak Chapter bring you another weekend event....

Charity of Paint - A kenyalang Mental Health Association group aid!

There will be a charity work which is christened as "Charity of Paint" at the Kenyalang Mental Health Association Group
house; a kind of community service...Locals will know it to be near tanjung and Kolej.

The volunteer work will consist of repaint
the building.

The date will be 19th & 20th April 2008,which falls on this coming Saturday and Sunday.
P/s: We won't be spending a night there just in case you guys were wondering.

Program list
Event day, meet @ campus BEFORE
7.20am at the student pick up point (in front of
Student Council). We shall depart soon after. No delays

However the number of participants are limited and only 30 volunteers are needed.

Transportation is provided. Unfortunately it is only limited to 25 people. So anyone that has their own transportation, you are encouraged to drive to the Kenyalang Mental Health Association Group house.

Items to bring
Be prepared to get dirty... wear
your casual clothes that you dont mind getting dirty because you are
going to painting a house...and it will ruin your clothes. On top of
that bring old & unwanted newspaper to
wrap the floor to prevent creating a montage of your own on the floor...

No booth for registration

If you are interested just email Raymond the Organizing Chairperson for this event at with your
your full name, student I.D, e-mail address as well as contact number(s)
Last date for registration is on the 15th April 2008...coming Tuesday.

Please check your e-mail often in case there is any updates or check right here on

For more information please contact me at
016-8969293 OR e-mail me at

SOAR Advisors, please forward this mail to your Buddies.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Children Carnival @ KRP [UPDATED]

UPDATE [10th April 2008]

Pre-event meeting is NOT at KRP anymore. New venue is now at Curtin.

Time: 5.00pm

Venue: G2 104


UPDATE [08th April 2008]

  • Starts at 8.00am and ends at 1.00pm
  • There will be a pre-event meeting at KRP this Friday at 5.00pm, so do attend as this is where you will find out what post(s) and your responsibility will be during the event.
  • Breakfast is provided on event day, be at KRP an hour before it starts.

Update of Name list [UPDATED 09th April 2008]

  1. Zack
  2. Guan Tai @ GT
  3. Aileen
  4. George
  5. Raymond
  6. Shanshan
  7. Tze Fair
  8. Michelle Phua
  9. Michelle Thye
  10. Kelvin
  11. May
  12. Allen
  13. Kah Wai
  14. Gerain
  15. Tisha
  16. Kevin Yee
  17. Azee
  18. Elena
  19. James
  20. Izzat

If any one would like to join please contact me by THURSDAY.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Japan: IchiGaki's

Here is a dance group from Japan...IchiGaki (hope the spelling is right)
Kick ass moves, with funked out mix audio!

Debate is going on about this group...whether they can keep up to the beats and steps of the Jabbawockeez. My say is that Ichigaki as individuals are show stopping, but the Jabbawockeez are the show stoppers! Team synchronization, choreography Jabbawockeez are it!
(Pro Jabbawockeez)
Plus also Ichigaki are more of break dancers then anything else, but in defence for Ichigaki's in their genre they Kick ass!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Children Carnival @ KRP

This post is for those that are participating as a volunteer. Tired of having to explain to each person about what are the things to do at the event…here is a break down of the Owww so hard work expected at children carnival.

KRP or formally known as Club Shell Lutong, will be the venue for Shell & Petronas Kids, this 12th April 2008.

There will be a Kids march at the beginning of the event & booth games.

March of the Kids

The march of the kids approximately the length of the football field and volunteers will be placed at stations along the route of the field.


Volunteers will be manning booths comprising of

  • Tossing the coin
  • Mini basketball
  • Mini football
  • Fish ducks
  • Canned Pyramids
  • (Possibly more games, TBA)

Approximately 3 people per booth


Curtin Volunteers! are to perform during a period during the event.

Current CV! Members will know the performance; new comers will be thought the steps…Very simple!


Good news lunch will be provided by KRP organizing committee…

Food: KFC (Sweet)

Helping: Limited (... awwww)

Availability of Volunteers

There are 20 slots allocated for Curtin Volunteers! and the current numbers is now 18.

Names of volunteers are as follows:

1) Zack

2) Ian

3) Aileen

4) George

5) Raymond

6) Angeline

7) Shanshan

8) Tze Fair

9) Michelle Phua

10) Michelle Thye

11) Kelvin

12) May

13) Allen

14) Kah Wai

15) Gerain

16) Tisha

17) Kevin Yee

18) Asfan

19) Azee

20) Ellena

Names are in no order. If there is any mistake in spelling your name(s) do contact me and I will rectify it.

Time of event is from 8am till 10am. Subjected to changes.