Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Japanese Ode

The sky
Scorhed by the sun,
Fecund tears.

But the forest
Wounded by the wind,
Dead leaves.

James Clavell's Bestselling Noval

Saturday, December 24, 2005


This site is under going construction...feels like it needs a new look...



Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meaning full yet lost in meaning quote...

"If the truth is already clear, what is the use of meditation?
And if the truth is hidden?
It's already clear."

Ancient Tantaric Buddhist teacher, Saraha.
From James Clavell's Bestselling novel - Shogun

Friday, December 02, 2005

Temper, temper, according to the Horoscope


You are recognized by your cheerful disposition and your jovial nature is easily susceptible to anger. In fact, you are the best person to have around when there is an ugly scene at a party you can bring the warring factions together quite diplomatically. But when you lose cool, you yell and scream and will not listen to reason. You must have the last word in a wordy duel. Your capacity to argue aggressively is matched only by your seductive charm.

Perosnal note: True Kah?

Where O where has Capital Gone?

A new start to the day...well it was more of in the middle of the night, when i was heading back home after a good night of dinner at Tenaga, a northern Indian restuarten (best fish tikka masalah...Hmmmmm), and a 'cup-a-Joe' at the local coffee house (Coffee Zone).

When I got in to my car to drive off home, the radio tuned at 100.01fm was playing a Kenny G. number... first thought was that somebody important had died in England... that was not the case, thank goodness...

A voice... A voice that sounded familiar to my ears. Sounds like a Bruneian speaking English...

"We're sorry but this channel has been discontinued of its services"


Like a train hitting me at full speed, Brunei has ended broadcasting Capital Fm on Brunei frequencies...Including Capital Gold... Sigh!

Now i am to resort to listening to local Dj's... Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t against them but at one point of the day i heard this Dj make 9 different mistakes on air... 9 TIMES!

Hope that this is not a permanent thing…if it is...then I am going to switch to CD’s only as a in car listening entertainment, except in Malaysia…there are some good stations there.

Time will tell if Capital will be back again. Crossed fingers

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

November Rain

Today has been one of those useless days that start off slow then it picks up and becomes one of those days that I enjoyed and cherish, here is my account of the day…

The day started off late… like any other day I wake up to the sun shining into my room from my bared sliding windows covered by brown flowery drapes, not by choice what when I moved in to this semidetached bungalow, I was awoken by my cell calling me out “Master, I have mail for you!” It was a voice massage from one of the staff members in Curtin wanting to talk about the weekend plans for Abel’s birthday get together. Got out of bed and did the hygienic procedures and cleaned all my nooks and canines. Went to my fridge to get a form of breakfast, what ever I was able to find that I didn’t have to warm up to eat…as I was heading back in to my room, there lay Lionel on my 3 over sized cushion a sleep; he came over the day before to watch the first season of the series Lost with me. Anyway I passed my time by typing an article for my future bloggings. It was close to 2 in the afternoon when we decided to head out and get lunch…or breakfast, then headed to campus to use the FREE internet…

Earlier in the day I massaged Kimmy if she wanted to go swim, felt like I needed to have some exercise. She replied later to confirm that she wanted to…now that her exams were done she was free to go and do almost anything… So, time when by and came close to when I had to pick Kimmy up. Got to her, picked her and made our wait to the public pool at the “City Fan” (look up in Miri and places in Miri). We swam for over an hour or more. She had plans to go to a friend’s house for BBQ that evening and another friend of hers was to pick her up from the public pool around 8.00pm.

It was around 7.15pm that she decided to get out of the pool and go check her cell phone if she had any massages from her friends about that evening BBQ, if there were any changes in plans. She was about to swim to wards the steps to get out, then I told her there is an easier way to get out of the pool. Lift, twist and sit, simple and she got it on the first try… I guess I was too fat when my friend tried to teach me…anyway as she got up and made her way to the table I turned to go for another swim. She slipped, twisted her ankle and fell with a ‘Thud!’ I turned back and saw her on the floor clutching her right ankle. I got out of the pool as fluid as I could with all my excess adipose tissue and made my way to here as fast as I could. I could see that she was in pain, tears streaming down her cheeks while clutching her right ankle. She told me that when she twisted her ankle she heard a crack…I looked at her ankle and I saw that her ankle was swelling up and fast. We remained on the pool side floor for about 8 minutes before I helped her to her feet and made out way to a chair near by. She sat and I covered her with her towel and took a look at her swelling ankle…it really looked like she broke her ankle cause it looked like her ankle bone was pushing against her skin, but I knew it was not the case. She made her way to the ladies changing room and change so that I could send her to the nearest hospital, M.C.M.C. (Miri City Medical Centre).

Image hosted by

We arrived at the hospital with in 15 minutes, helped her into the entrance and the front desk to get her details down. This is not her first time here at the hospital, a year a go she had a similar incident. The doctor that she was about to see was the same doc from a year ago…What she told me was that he had some trouble communicating in English…he was Chinese. Anyway I brought a wheel chair for Kimmy to use, and wheel her to the doctor…This is my 1st time to wheel someone in a wheel chair… he he he it was fun… got to play driver, except that I had to worry about knocking Kimmy’s ankle on the door sides… The doctor that we meet what was a bit ‘sot’ (meaning unbalance)…He asked the most redundant questions that a person of his standard in the society of doctors could ask, or maybe it was just his limited use of the English language…at one point of the interview with him, he the doctor referred to Kimmy’s condition in the most scientific terms her heart is the ‘water pump’ and the internal bleeding is referred to as the ‘broken pipe’… SOT! .... good analogy but none the less he is a DOCTOR! *Slaps head, shakes head and Sigh! *

Image hosted by

A couple of minutes when by, the adjustments of Kimmy’s crutches, collection of her pain killers (more sleeping pills then pain killers) and we left to head back to campus to collect A shoe. Reason being that she went our swimming session at the public with wooden clogs. So we drove all the way back to campus to get her single shoe. As she didn’t want to go back and just bum around the hostel, so we went for dinner at Fratinies near ‘Bulatan’ round about. Had a good time there, my long time friend the head manager for all the branches of Fratinies in Brunei and Miri. He helped a lot to boost Kimmy’s mood. He specially made pasta for her…Big up to you J! And thanks for the ice cream it was Mm mm good!

The day ended after picking up a friend, Michelle at a friends house and headed back to Lakeside apartments on campus.

Image hosted by

Dont get me wrong, not that because Kimmy's ankle got twisted this day became memorable... it became memorable because all the things that happend before, during and after the incident and all the little things too. I am glad that i could help out and be there for Kimmy. I wish the best to Kimmy’s ankle and that it will heal soon, and your holiday will be filled with fun. Thank you for the memorable time we had and dinner during the November rain.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Student Council 06’

Every year the student community would nominate a selected group of current student to represent their voice to the management. This years council (05’) lead by Bennet did a wonderful job in voicing the students matters to the management of Curtin Sarawak and worked hand in hand with the management to make it a better environment for all student to study in. Not only bring student matters to the management the Council also organize events with in campus and out of campus grounds hand in hand with other clubs organization such as the successful annual Curtin Carnival 05’ “Celebrate U!” and the annual Grand Ball “Heaven on Earth” hosted at the Marriott Resort and SPA Hotel 2005.

The time has come to elect a new council for next year (06’). This time round I decided to actually try run for council as an ordinary member. If I got on that council that would be great, boost my confident level a tad higher and if I didn’t get on it would be no loss, my pride would be dented a slightly but non the less I would still go on my merry way. So on the last day to submit my registration form as a independent runner was handed in co-signed by Serena (Ordinary committee member of Student Council 05’) to Student services and paid rm10 for registration fee. Talk about impromptu decision … And so I was a running to be a council member for next year. Next day I was approached by Bay to join his party which is CUSP (Curtin United Student Party) which has won and stayed in office for the previous four years. I agreed and I was no longer a independent runner, and was running under CUSP2. The next week was the beginning the campaign for the parties and independent runners. This year the parties that were running were CUSP, CUSP2 and SFC (Student for Change whom mainly comprised of international students), the independent runners were Izzah and Subha. The campaign went on for about a week and the week after that was the time for the community of Curtin Sarawak to vote for who they would want to be on council.

In the end, after counting the ballads and through the system of election from Curtin Perth that is similarly used to vote for the Prime Minister position and other important position, I was nominated in… numbing surprise hit me while I watch on the procedure of the nominating system continued…

I got on….

I would like to covey my congratulations to the individuals that got on the new Student Council for 2006. And my Thank you for the Student Council of 2005 for your full support.

Student Council Election
The result is out and here is the result.

Image hosted by

Student Council 06'

Yeo Yang Sheng, Bay
Vice President
Tan Kim Yong, Kimmy
Ansovinus Bonus Chai
Vice Secretary
Ting Wei Chin, Cindy
Lee Ai Sing
Vice Treasurer
Pierre Yam Fai Lik

Ordinary Committee Member (OCM)
Tiang Kwong Wei, Zack
Havinesh Mahendran
How Tong Wei, Daryll
Iqbal Dato Haji Selamat
Kwan Tzen Yet, Alvin
Lai Fung Kiing, Tania Jessica
Lee Kuan Chee, Nicholas
Lee Yoon Seng, Aylwin
Wisdom Wencesious
Brian Mashoko
Dygku Siti Zarith Nabila
Maria Izzah R. Franco Tiama

Congrats to the new Student Council and thank you for your votes.
Our gratitude to the current Student Council for guiding our new Student Council.

Heaven on Earth – Curtin Grand Ball 05’

Here is a long overdued article about prom... never got to finish it till now... hope you enjoy... I may add more pictures If there is any mistakes do drop me a msg.


Prom, Grand Ball, Dance Formal how ever you would like to call… it aught to be a grand thing to a high school, college and university student. It is the only occasion where one as a student is able to dress up all fancy, aside from having to dress up for a formal presentation. With hair done up, props, accessories and the “bling-bling” effect to enhance your appearance and impress others. This is the only occasion that I believe that as a student, one is able to dress up for an event and have fun at the same time.

It’s also a good opportunity for those with a creative mind to put their grey-matter to work and think up a storm for their prom dress or costume. Girls get to get together and fuss what kind of dress they would want to go in: mid-cut, long dress, bear back, low cut or nothing at all… (that would be something to see at a prom!)

Image hosted by

Guys tend to have it much easier time at choosing what to wear for the evening. For those lazy arses who could not be bothered to even get off their sorry arses to reach for the remote to change the channels, can just wear their previous suit or formal dress that they used to presentation or for those bums that have extra cash to spend, can go to a bridal gallery shop and rent a tux for the night. Then there are those that take the initiative to look for something that is extraordinary and stand out in the crowd like a single oversized pimple on your forehead waiting to be popped! Depending on the theme of the ball one could dress according to the theme.

This year (2005) Curtin Miri’s Prom night theme is “Heaven on Earth” thought up by this year’s student council: Bennet (President) and prom council member’s committee. Following the theme I choose and earthy feel to my dress code for this prom. I decided to tribal…none of the indigenous people dress like loin cloth but a simple and modern, I repeat MODERN look. It took me roughly about 2 days to actually find what I have in mind in Miri town (commonly known as pasar to the locals). There was this one shop in Imperial mall on the 2nd floor that has some tribal clothing that I looked at the liked almost immediately. I ended up buying 2 different shirts; one is a short sleeved button up collared shirt with a column rope like designs on the right hand side. The other is a long-sleeved button up three quarter collar shirt; the buttons is made of wood and shaped as a single tactical. The way this outfit is to be worn is un-tucked, its length is from my shoulder till just past my groin line by 2 inches. Both are of the same neutral colour, cream colour with a hint of brown… (there is a word to describe the colour I am trying to illustrate but the spelling eludes my finger tips). Getting back to the point, I chose the latter outfit to the 05’ Prom “Heaven on Earth” with white pants. Accessories that I wore with the costume were an Iban designed bracelet made with cow bones this was on my right hand. To accompany and complement the bracelet was a cow bone necklace that I got from my cousin when he came back for the holidays from New Zealand (Big up to Zan!) There is a meaning to the necklace; I suggest you look up or ask your Maori friends the meaning of “Koru”. Anyways, I was dress up simple yet different and unique, and I liked it. I did not sweat (material was thin & no over coat to wear), did not have to spend hundreds of RM’s to get what I wanted, and it fitted the theme.

Event day:

The ball was held at the newly renovated hotel the Marriott Resort and SPA Hotel, formerly known as Rihga Royal Hotel, at the Ballroom at the base of the hotel. As it was at a hotel, a number of us (students) decided to stay over night. I got to the hotel roughly around noon and had sometime to myself for some R&R, had a warn bubble bath (I have not had a bubble bath in many years), read a book while in the tub. Then got my gear and outfit for the night event ready…iron my pants and tribal shirt and polish my shoes. Then I had lots of time to watch the tele and completed an assignment that was due the next week. By seven in the evening, I was ready and fitted with all accessories for that evening. I went over to one of my friend’s room to see if they were ready to go. Had a photo fest in the room while waiting for the some of the girls to finish powering their nose.

Curtin Volunteers! Table 19      Image hosted by

As I am part of the Curtin Volunteers! we had two tables for our self, behind the VIP’s table thanks to Serena and Bennet… (big up to you!)

Curtin Volunteers! Table 17Image hosted by

At attendance was our dean, Professor Dr. Ruth Marquis and her spouse, Head of Teaching and Learning Associate Professor Dr. Rosslyn Albon, Head of School of Engineering Dr. Chua Han Bing and Public Relation Officer Mr. Abel Nelson Nang.

The event went as follows, speech from the Student Council president followed by our dean and a grand toast by all at attendance dinner was served soon after.

Image hosted by

At the same music was performed by Curtin Music Club followed by Azie featuring Desmon. There was a break and another performance from our very own Student Council President Bennet and sang us two song with the aid of Aylwin on guitar, next up was our PR officer of Curtin, Abel (and also and advisor to the Student Council 05’, and various clubs in Curtin and our independent organization Curtin Volunteers!)…I got a friend to dance a slow number with while Abel sang his three songs aided by Dennis on the keyboard whom we got to know through Curtin Camp 05’ last semester. Last to perform was Bay Yeo our future Student Council President for 2006. Just before dinner ended, the time came to pick our Prom King and Queen for 05’ hosted by Nozie Minority Renee and VJ.

Image hosted by

To cut the story short, the winners were Daryll How our very own Curtin Volunteer! President and Lee Quin (I hope that is the right spelling?) from Brunei…(Brunei baby!).

After the crowning of our royal prom couple they kick started the dance session with a slow dance.

Image hosted by

With no warning the DJ picked up the tempo to dance and some R&B and Hip Hop tracks. Honestly, prom is all about sentimental moments and slow dance and with the theme “Heaven on Earth” that should have been the case. Well I can’t win them all…but then again since when I did I ever win…*eye brow rise*

In the end I don’t think I could call this a Grand Ball… the ending was more of a clubbers night out…
Image hosted by

To sum it all, this year’s Ball was simple…I didn’t not have a date this time maybe that effected my though patters on this matter. Had some memorable memories that I whole dear to me and some not so dear (no details there). If I had the chance to change some things I would have change just one thing…that I would leave to you to guess.

I would like to say thanks to the Student Council of 05’ of thinking up the concept of the theme “Heaven on Earth”…condos to you and big up!


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Overdue blog...Exams!!!

I know its been long over due... but since the finals exams are up and needed a lil break... here in a lil something something...

This month has not been so good to me, on a personal note. As for mt social activities it has been a riot! I will put more info in the next blog... THis Sem alone has been so so insane... Didn't have much time to actully go back to my home land for even a day visit...

Well i better get back to studies... "Kan Mampus lah I"... translated in to Engeris... "I am so Dead lah!"...

Extra Note:
Note to all other student taking their finals:
...Good luck!
...Jai Yo!

Best Regards

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Brain Patterns....

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a multi dimensional wonderland, with many layers.
You're the type that always has multiple streams of though going.
And you can keep these thoughts going at any time.
You're very likely to be engaged in deep thought - and deep conversation.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Curtin Camp 05' - Updates!

Hey hey... Dear readers,

just like to inform you that I am not the only one that wrote about the experiences that the mentors and myself had experienced for Curtin Camp 05'.

Zack's blogspot - Hybrid VS Joker

Up coming post:
Do check for updates as i always find some error in my report...and i will be adding new photos to some of the paragraphs...

I will be entering a post with most of the pictures that was taken from curtin camp 05', due to popular requests.
Pictures to be posted: Animal group photos, group photos, some individual/couple photos.

Also, my multiply site ( will have some of the pictures. Although it will be limited due to that fact that i am using dial up here...*Sigh*


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Curtin Camp 05’

Its has been some time since I last posted anything…but fear not, an event has happened and here is a long detailed report of it, from when I arrived in Miri till the final day of the camp.

Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak campus recently held ‘Curtin Camp 2005’. Where 120 students from various secondary schools throughout the whole of Miri City will stay on campus in army tents for the duration of 3 days and 2 nights starting from the 8th July 05’ until the 10th July 05’. Schools that took part were SMK Chung Hua, SMK St. Columba, SMK Lutong, SMK Baru, SMK Dato Permaisuri, SMK Teknik and Kolej TDTH Bujang. The theme of this outdoor camp is “Lifelong Learning, Learning For Life”, where we hope that these students will discover and walk away with the knowledge of their respectful strength and weakness and hopefully that they will understand that learning is a lifelong process.

My story began after my final exam for the semester ended and Abel (PR officer of Curtin, Sarawak and Advisor for Curtin Volunteers!, Miri and the Chairperson of the Curtin Camp 05’) ask me to join the up coming Curtin Camp 05’ as a mentor. Naturally I have to ask my parents as they want me to spend my holidays back in Brunei, eventually they agreed.

Image hosted by

*Fast forwards*

Tuesday, 5th July 05’
Our first meeting was on the 5th of July 05’ on campus. There I got to meet the other fellow mentors. Zack - CV! Exco, Melanie - CV!A, Roger- CV!A, Wisdom, Pamela, Hiew, Kimberly, GT (Guan Thai), Cheryl (Xiao Huan), Genesis, and Oscar (he pulled out, some really weak reason). A majority of the mentors are in the foundation program as the degrees students were on holiday after the final exams. Only a hand full was degrees students (Roger, GT and I). Got to discuss all the details what we, the mentors, were about and what we were assigned to do throughout the duration of the camp. Each of the mentors were given a group of 12 student which consist of different schools to look after and manage (their children): Zack - Monkeys, Melanie - Cows, Roger- Kangaroos, Wisdom - Dogs, Pamela - Cats, Hiew - Ducks, Kimberly - Snakes, GT - Elephants, Cheryl - Penguins, and Genesis – Lions. I was wondering why I was not assigned a group. To my horror I was nominated as ‘Head Mentor’ by Abel and that the group that I assigned to was all the other mentors and their respected groups…Zack was the ‘Assistant Head Mentor’ and by right he was not assigned to a group until Oscar pulled out.

Wednesday, 6th July 05’
When evening came it was time for the mentors training and planning for what the 120 students were going to do during their free time and how we could push them to meet with our deadlines as our schedule were packed up to the minute! We manage to fit in fun events into the tight schedule that were planned by the Chairperson (Abel) and the camp facilitators (top selected lectures of Curtin, Miri). “Mentors are the life of the camp, you make this camp it alive…” as Abel when through the training, “be contagious, be the catalyst to make it fun and happening!” Later that night we also when through dancing class, where the others learned the dance steps to ‘jungle song’… “Aa-wimbo-wap, aa-wimbo-wap” and ‘lean on me’ song (rap edit)... Reminiscing: Pamela hurrying to grab the dancers hands on each side before the bow…He he he…such sweet memories.

Thursday, 7th July 05’
The following day, morning was not particularly good for me, as I was off to run some personal errands my car broke down just 15 minutes after I left my house at Senadin…later I found out that my water pump gave-in. Luckily Lester, a local friend whose father owned a 4X4 workshop, came after I made a call of distressed to him and he helped me identify what was the problem. Got a tow truck company contact and got them to come and pick me and my Green RR then send us both (RR and myself) back to my place (Thank you very much Lester, much appreciated). The rest of the day went with a blur. In the evening, more planning. End the meeting with the practice of the dance steps. All of us were feeling excited for the following day…Day 1 of Curtin Camp 05’.

Image hosted by

Friday, 8th July 05’ – Day 1
Students started arriving on campus around 1.30pm, first up was pre-registration (will explain in detail later on) of the participants to collect their name tags, Camp kit, and t-shirts at the Lecture Theatre (LT). Once majority of the students were pre-registered Abel gave a short briefing on what was expected of this camp and went through a summarized version of the sequence of events for the next 3 days. Then we moved to the front portion (main entrance) of campus where the gates to the camps were situated for the official opening of Curtin Camp 05’, officiated by Curtin Sarawak newly appointed Dean, Professor Ruth Marquis.

Image hosted by

The fun begins!

Image hosted by

A tea break was called for and after that we then proceeded back to the LT foyer, for the first of 7 sessions. First up was Cikgu Sham, where she explained in more detail about what the camp is about, rules that were set by the students, and what was expected of the students once the students approved their own made set rules, their individual group assignment and concert presentation. She then mentioned that at the beginning when they first registered it was just the pre-registration, the real registration is when they have digested their (students) rule that they have set for them self and decided to stay on or not. Where we, the camp facilitators and mentors, do not force the students to stay for the camp, it was their own choice if they wanted to stay or leave the camp…none of the students left. After that was settled the registered students got into their respected groups and made their way to settle down into their tents; girls and boys in their own respected tents. Once settled, it was time for them to take their shower at the hostel and have their dinner. The shower arrangement was a disaster… As there were only 42 showers and toilet for the boys and 40 showers and toilet for the girls we had to come out with showering schedule… when the time came we followed as we have planned earlier how the showering schedule should be, it did not play out to how we pictured it in our minds…inefficient. We abolished the showering schedule and went with first come first served, and again girl and boys in separate blocks. Majority of the mentors enjoyed pressing the students to finish early…right Gen. Then it was dinner and on to the next session (session 2), then lights out at 11pm. Funny enough but not surprising, majority of the students were still up and about till 3am playing guitar singing songs, playing card games and chatting before turning in for the night…but some did stay up the whole night as it was apparent in during the second day session.

Image hosted by

Saturday, 9th July 05’ – Day 2
The day started with the wakening of the participants at 5.40am…

Image hosted by

Caption: morning exercise

Before that, a slight detour, when I and the other mentors got up, the others left to go to take their shower, Roger and I were left in the VIP room where we stayed for the night. Roger was behind the bar where we put our bags…as I just entered the bar to get ready my toiletries I saw Roger turn and looked left said “Ohhh!”, turn and looked right “Ohhh!” …* Pruuuuuuut!* turn left “Ohhh!” turn right “Ohhh!”… Ha ha ha…Sorry Roger I had to tell it, it’s too much of a good chance not to…

6.40am they were off to the showers then breakfast. And by 8.45am they all have to be in the LT for mentors’ morning energizers (the jungle song dance) and the third session. Lunch came, and all the mentors were sitting around one table, and Kimberly did the cutest thing…she had a small sausage left on her plate, she tried to pick up the last bit of sausage with her fork but it slipped off her plate. She just looked at the fallen sausage dropped her fork, and pretend to cried like a child, *Wahhhh* Ha ha ha. The day progressed and soon I found myself at the end of the sixth session…Here the fun games began, 6 games to go through and complete, and try collect as many points for their respected groups. Time was approximately 4pm.

Image hosted by

Game 1: Hair band head; was where the group had to tie rubber band onto the hairs of each group member as fast as possible in the time frame of 5 minutes and leave it there till the end of the day, later on the mentors will count how many rubber bands each group had. They just look absolutely ridiculous!

Image hosted by

Game 2: Dizzy run. As the name implies, every student in each group in turn has to bend down and touch the ground and spin 5 times, then run to a bucket filled with water 6 meters away, collect the water in their hands and run to a empty water bottle 5 meters away and try to fill it as much as possible in 5 minutes…the results wad hilarious! Some even when to the wrong bottle… ha ha ha! Guess it was not wise to have them had their tea before the games…

Image hosted by

Game 3: Zigzag; this is where the groups get into one line and pass a water-balloon over head backwards. The person at the end of the line will have to zigzag between the groups members until he or she get to the end and restart the processes over again as much as possible with in the duration of 5 minutes.

Image hosted by

Game 4: 12 legged race; as the name implies, 6 students (3 boy and 3 girls) tie their ankles together and try get to the other side in the shortest time possible… team lion did amazingly…such team work and coordination from each group member...for lack of better words … WOW! The other groups…well it was fun to watch them struggle…he he he

Image hosted by

Game 5: Pass the rubber band. Here the group had to get in line and wit no aid of both hands, only a straw in their mouth to past down a rubber band down the line and the person at the end has to do the Curtin clap (clap, clap, clap, pause, clap - pause, clap – pause, clap, shout “HO”) this goes back and forward for 5 minutes…

Image hosted by

Game 6 (final): Tug of War; each group leader had to draw for a position and tug against the other groups. One knock system. Final winners were the Kangaroo group. The finalist was supposed to go against the mentor, but as we were short of time we cancelled it…how sad.

Image hosted by

When all the games ended well all had our showers and prepared for the BBQ and concert night, this was about 8.15pm. The group presentations were all good and a lot of the groups had talented people in them. A good combination of acting, singing, and dancing. During that time dinner was severed, hmmm chicken wings and sausages. We also had our own presentation… we did our dance the ‘jungle song’, ‘lean on me’ song and ‘just a little bit more’ by Janet Jackson.

Image hosted by

After all the presentation was done, we all had our own clubbing area…literally ‘dance fever!’ at the LT foyer. Even the quietest of people came on the make shift dance floor and shook their booty! To my surprise I jived with a girl whom I believe to be reserved…boy was I wrong… *grin*

Image hosted by

All ended roughly around 12.30am. Same as the night before a lot of students were still up walking around. Majority were still doing their assignments, just starting or doing the final touches. By 3am many were sleeping all over the campus…and not in their tents.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Sunday, 10th July 05’ – Day 3(Final)
Got up at 5.15am, had our shower, got dressed and when down to wake the students for the morning exercise. But instead of the normal almost one hour of exercise, half an hour was dedicated to warm-ups and short exercise and the rest of the remaining time was to the Treasure Hunt. Allocated time for the treasure hunt was 1 hour…One of our goals of the treasure hunt was to see if they actually paid attention to the places that they, the students, have been too from the previous seminars and remember the grounds of Curtin University. The other, more sinister, goal was to see them squirm with the difficulties of the questions and clues thought up by the mentors that were in incharge…As it was early in the morning, we saw students’ esp. girls in there pj’s running around look for clues and trying to answer the clues. One girl in particular that I remember seeing was in her pj’s dragging her feet and a dazed look on her face…poor thing…But to my amazement most of the student were sharp and got the answers in no time. All ended well and then they were off to have they much wanted shower and breakfast. By 9am they had their last session (session 7) where some shared what they have learned benefited and out comes for the past 3 days.

Then time came to for the students to present their assignment which was to create a product in the year 2010, and market it. Each group was given materials, namely a bunch of drinking straws, 2 manila paper, glue, 3 marker pens, 2 pencils and majong 2 papers that they have to create the product and draw the marketing scheme. There to judge the presentation were Abel, Ms. Azlin and Ms. Anita which were based on how creative the product is, how realistic the product is, the way the group presented and market their product. Overall I was impressed how creative and needed some of the products in today’s society like the E-bin, where even non-biodegradable materials are able to be disposed of safely. But there were a few way out there products, just bizarre…the V-ball; a remote control vacuum cleaner and of straws, the hand phone – PG2010; pencil case size hand phone where the owner uses a pen looking device as the receiver and microphone, and last but not least the top of the freaky-O-meter of all gadgets is the Coco spy cam. This product looks like a coconut that has a surveillance camera built into it…it is able to open in half and sprout legs to follow the perpetrator (whom, during the presentation example seems to be like a drunk crab…) Freaky thought isn’t …Ooo get this, when purchased it comes with an artificial coconut tree…

Image hosted by
Lunch came and went. Next was the ‘Curtin R US’ presentation by the marketing department. Then onto questions and answer session with the camp facilitators, I can’t mention on the juicy questions that when on during this session or else some lectures will literally skin me alive…

The last event for the day was the closing ceremony, where the guest of honour was our newly appointed Dean of Curtin Sarawak, Professor Ruth Marquis. To officiate the closing ceremony, we (mentors) did the jungle song dance. To Abel and our surprise Professor Ruth Marquis requested to join in for the jungle song dance…and my I say she kept up marvellously.

Image hosted by

The Dean then gave her closing speech followed by selected students testimonial where each individual representing their school gave an overview of what they have experience over the past 3 day and how the mentors made it fun. Then it was the certificate and awards ceremony. Lastly was the presentation from the IT department showing a flash of all the events that occurred the part 3 days, it was a sentimental moment “Down memory lane!”
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After all the formalities we all proceeded to the LT foyer for the photograph and autograph session. Numbers and email address were traded, shirts and folders signed, pictures were taken, hugs were given and good bye’s said.

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Special Thank you’s:
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the following, with out them Curtin Camp 05’ would not have been a success.

Mr. Abel Nelson Nang (Chairperson of Curtin Camp 05’), for your undying belief and tolerance in all of us. With out your guidance we all would be lost in the dark.

Mentors of Curtin Camp 05’,

Zack: Thank you for your determination and helping me make the events run smoother.

Melanie: Thank you for your determination, constant and ever ready smile, and help and support.

Roger: Thank you for handling the games and telematch, you have managed and handled the games alone, for lack of better words…WOW! On a different note…turn and look left “Ohhh!”, turn and look right “Ohhh!” …* Pruuuuuuut!* turn and look left “Ohhh!” turn and look right “Ohhh!”

Wisdom: Thank you for showing us how to dance with style. And your mc’ing is entertaining. You da man!

Pamela: Thank you for your support and willingness to make this event a great success.
In addition all the fun jokes and quirks from the beginning…The Pretties Mentor!

Hiew: Thank you for your support and help, you are a fresh breeze that liven the atmosphere. From the quite you to the open and expressive you…

Kimberly: Thank you for teaching us how to jive. Cried like a child, *Ngeeeeeee*

Guan Thai (GT): Thank you for your support and commitment. The man of little words, but you action speaks louder and you are a testament to the quote ‘actions speaks louder then words’.

Cheryl: Thank you for your determination and commitment. Soft yet strong.

Genesis: Thank you for you determination and your ever playful nature.

Jordan: Genesis's friend... Thank you for your help and support... hopefully in the future that you will be able to help ous with future events. Looking forward to working with you.

IT Department, for helping set the PA systems and preparing the computers.

With out you guys’ the Curtin Camp 05’ would no have been a great success.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Closer, and closer to the end of the semster

The term is going to end... normaly this is the best time to start revising what one has learned from the being of the semster...
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But it is also the almost time to celebrate Hari Gawai... Mmmmm Tuwak! Image hosted by And inconjuction to that it is also time to celebrate the coming of a city... Yes... Miri town is going to be called no more a town but a city resourt. Miri City! ... Ta da!

Funny as it is, i am a Bruneian studing in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. In an institute called Curtin University, Sarawak campus and i am actually excited about it...well not really that much Image hosted by, but non the less i am excited Image hosted by Maybe its just for the fact that the change over is going to happen during my time and that i happen to be in the Miri itself.

I just got comfirmation that i will be taking part in the float parade that is going to happen for the Hari Gawai cum Miri City Resourt Image hosted by I am going to be waving my hand to the crowds that going to turn up that evening... Image hosted by

Well I am off to take a shower...Image hosted by
... its been a hot day here... then again i will still have to be under the blistering sun Image hosted by, to watch my other peers practices for the cultural dance and modern dance... Gambate!
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

PC problems...

Favorite quote of the week: SSDD! (Same Shit, Different Day)

Mood: Tired by will survive, barely.

Weather condition: Thick Haze, thick enough that you would not see my @$$ shaking in front of you from 1 meter away.

It’s been quite some time since I have posted anything here…
The past two weeks alone have been very trying… Assignments due and responsibility to CV! Or the Curtin Volunteers. On top of that, my every so faithful EVE (my pc) is not doing so well at the moment.

Hard disk problems… Image hosted by ...the new hard disk that I recently bought is not registering on ‘my computer’, where as it states that the hard disk is detected by my system… So those that have IT knowledge please can you contact me and aid me with my current problem… I have tried to use Windows Help function but to my dismay it didn’t help me at all… maybe due to the fact that I do not have Internet connection in the area that I live in Miri… Danm the telecom! Image hosted by

Hopefully, next week I will have more time to enter more posts… Unlike someone that complained! KAN NADIA! Image hosted by

Monday, April 11, 2005

If i was a warrior...what would i be?


You are a Samurai.
You are full of honour and value respect. You
are not really the stereotypical hero, but you
do fight for good. Just in your own way. For
you, it is most certainly okay to kill an evil
person, if it is for justice and peace. You
also don't belive in mourning all the time and
think that once you've hit a bad stage in life
you just have to get up again. It's pointless
to concentrate on emotional pain and better to
just get on with everything. You also are a
down to earth type of person and think before
you act. Impulsive people may annoy you

Main weapon: Sword
Quote: "Always do the right thing.
This will gratify some people and astonish the
rest" -Mark Twain
Facial expression: Small smile

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Quotes of Reflections

"One good deed dying tongueless slaughters a thousand waiting upon that."
William Shakespeare

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just a Brother...

Guys, have you ever been called a brother by someone that you like, adore, and just plainly wish to ask that person of the opposite sex that you would like to go on a date, get to know each other better and even, just maybe become partners in a commercialized romantic world of ours? Well I have… and more times I have been called this then I really like.
And so i ask this question, “Why am I called a brother?” It just popped into my complex mind after I have lots of time on my own to contemplate the ponder…

Guys: Does it seem that there is a large banner that follows you around with out you knowing it and has the words “Hi! I am a brother material…So please call me your brother!” This same sentence also seems to be craved onto your forehead that only the opposite sex are able to see.

What does it means to be ones brother? Is it that, that particular person:
A.) So like my real brother back home thus adopt him as a brother.
B.) You are so cute I want to adopt you as my brother away from home.
C.) I consider you as my friend and brother…nothing more.
D.) We can be close but as friends only.

Ladies, is there some other worldly reasons to call the other humanoid a brother? I would like to know. What is it that qualifies a man to be bestowed the benevolent title of a Brother?

I do understand and respect that it is a really noble title to give a guy and too your eyes, ladies, it’s a good thing. But I am curious to find out… If the scenario is that this guy is a good friend and you know him for some time now. Then he one day reveals that he like you. What make that person become a brother? Could it be a polite way to reject someone that you know whom would wish and hope to have a relationship with you?

I know I am going to hate the answer, but I just got to quench my curiosity…

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Quote for the future...

"Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age."

Christopher Morley


"Faith has to do with things that are not seen , and hope with things that are not in hand."

Saint Thomas Acquinas

Thursday, February 17, 2005


If you could be anywhere in the world where would you be?

Vancouver, Canada. I would be snowboarding down the canadian slopes in Winter, hiking in Spring, walking on a sandy beach in Summer, reading a good book on a patio over looking Vancouver in autumn and eating fresh japanese cuisine through out all the season.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Valentine is around the corner

Recent I bought the series, Smallville - Season Two DVD box set. It has been the most time that I have spent in front of my television since I went for a one day and two night’s movie marathon back in Canada. All two days consist mainly of watching back to back of the mystery, thrills, adventure, twisting story, and love of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and the man that he will become. His actions and my wanting to be in his shoes as he finally has the courage to tell Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) how much he wants to be with her and vise versa. Such a boyish fantasy but true, we all (men) would love to be in Clarks shoes as they (Clark and Lana) finally lock each others lips with such longing, tender, passionate and dreamy kisses. And reminds me of the time ages before when I had a chance with someone, but never took it. Reliving my past through Smallville and egging Clark on to make his move unlike what I should have done. Slapping my head, screaming “say it! Say it!”, “you should have told her your feelings”, “Kiss her!”, “DON’T DO THAT, FOOL!” and much more colorful vocabulary then I like to express here.

Just imagine, three DVD boxes; two DVD’s in each box; each DVD consists of four episodes except for the last disc (disc 6) which has three episodes. Each episode takes approximately an hour from prelude till the end credits. That clocks up a total of four hours per DVD disc. So the mathematical equation of this would look along the line of:

How many hours did the entire Smallville, Season 2 DVD Box set take of my life?

6 DVD disc, 1 disc has 4 episodes, minus the last disc which has 3 episodes. Each episode runs around an hour each.

6 DVD’s x 4 episodes (-1 episode) = 23 episodes
23 episodes x 60minutes = 1380 minutes

Answer and Conclusion:
Therefore in conclusion, SomeBaL has spent one thousand and eighty minutes watching the entire Season 2 of Smallville back to back or twenty three hours watching back to back of Smallville Season 2.

In lay-mans terms I have almost spent one hold day in front of my 30 by 30 centimeters television on my bed in my bedroom. It was fantastic! And if you are wondering did I spend all those hours constantly on my bed…the answer is no. I did get up to, run to the much needed potty break, make my feedings for lunch and dinner and the occasional walk around the house to keep the blood circulating into my legs. For those that knows my background well and ask how did I do this wondrous activity? I find in total luxurious comfort to answer that question in this simple and few words…home alone.

What I realize half way writing this post was that Valentines Day is around the corner and all I have to keep me company is a song titled “Mr. Lonely” sung by Akon (current theme song), introduced recently by a friend. Watching love stories from director Richard Loncraine who collaborated in making such movies as Notting Hill, Bridget Jones Diary, Wimbledon and all time favorite Love Actually and the genre a like. ‘Smallville’, ‘You got mail’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. These are my tools to get through another Valentines Day alone. Not good choice of tools I admit, but it makes me happy to see and hope that one day I may have that feeling in the movies of having someone special in your life and that I would not be alone next time around Valentines comes again.

Happy Valentines Day

Friday, February 11, 2005


Twixt truth and madness lies, but a silver of a stream

Elizabethan poet

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Murphy's Law

You can never tell which way the train went by looking at the track.

Murphy’s Law on Technology

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Reflective Quote...

Past hurts, Past helps, Past cures


Story behind the quote:
This quote was told to me by my really good friend, Shaq. As we sat in Sinja Lounge with Joe and Erwan on a Saturday evening (‘Saturday night ritual ’ as my father would call it.) As we just arrived, a group of people were leaving. It was Erwan’s previous boss, and I saw a familiar face that was also getting up to leave with Erwan’s ex-boss. It was the mom and dad of a girl that I used to like and wanted to go out with back in my high school days… sadly, it didn’t happen. I went over to them and started to chat with them as I am close with them regularly visited them and their daughter back in the days. They informed that she was looking for me on her previous holidays…and asked me to visit them more often. We said our good byes and I went back and sat with the guy’s. Through out that time after meeting the parents, my mind was in constant flash backs and could not stop thinking about ‘her’…Shaq ask what’s wrong with me, because I was quite. It told him about ‘her’ and her parents that I just chatted to. Shaq mentioned the quote...

Past hurts, past helps, past cures – Shakespeare

Which made some sense to me. I will not say that I am a genius nor will is say that i am stupid and clam that I understand it. I am still figuring out what it means. All will come crystal clear in due time.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Another name to call sex by...

It's not sex...It's having a beef injection...

Murphy's Law

If it's stupid but it workd, it isn't stupid.

Murphy's Law on Combat

Monday, January 31, 2005

Bord - - Here is one remedy!

Have you ever wondered if you were a hottie? Look no more...
Click here for hours of fun and viewing plesures...or its opposite! Then again it also depends on your preference of gender...

It is a really clever way to find out if you are considered "hot or not"...hence its web site address... In my case, i am just doing this, for lack of better words -


This site has been around for quite some time now...Dew to the summer holiday from Curtin University, my bordom got the better of me and i found myself in this site once again...and actually participating in it, this time around...

I also find this site a really good stress relief'er... just visit the site and choose your gender, age preference and off you go...looking and rating pictures of people that you dont know or do know. After hours or just mea minutes looking at the endless photos and you have forgotten why you were stressed...(don't hold me to this quote )

Visit my my own and rate me:

Viewer discrestion advised

If you are planning on advertising your self here, just be prepared for results that you may not like… Just act cool...