Friday, December 02, 2005

Where O where has Capital Gone?

A new start to the day...well it was more of in the middle of the night, when i was heading back home after a good night of dinner at Tenaga, a northern Indian restuarten (best fish tikka masalah...Hmmmmm), and a 'cup-a-Joe' at the local coffee house (Coffee Zone).

When I got in to my car to drive off home, the radio tuned at 100.01fm was playing a Kenny G. number... first thought was that somebody important had died in England... that was not the case, thank goodness...

A voice... A voice that sounded familiar to my ears. Sounds like a Bruneian speaking English...

"We're sorry but this channel has been discontinued of its services"


Like a train hitting me at full speed, Brunei has ended broadcasting Capital Fm on Brunei frequencies...Including Capital Gold... Sigh!

Now i am to resort to listening to local Dj's... Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t against them but at one point of the day i heard this Dj make 9 different mistakes on air... 9 TIMES!

Hope that this is not a permanent thing…if it is...then I am going to switch to CD’s only as a in car listening entertainment, except in Malaysia…there are some good stations there.

Time will tell if Capital will be back again. Crossed fingers