Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Car Problems

Its official…Automatic cars are not compatible with SomeBaL! In my long history of driving (seven years) automatic cars has always given me problems! Here is a round down of cars that I have driven:

Range Rover 98-Automatic – Problem: gear box faulty / engine failure

Range Rover 01-Automatic – Problem: gear box faulty/mechanical faulty/driveshaft faulty/engine failure

Toyota Camry 97-Automatic – Problem: engine faulty

This may seem like a small list but to me this is a huge problem. My driving style is not overboard nether careless nor reckless. On average I drive 80km/h and 100km/h on highways.

So far the only save cars that I have driven with no problems what’s so ever are manual car.

My green speedster (do not wish to state type) 92– Manual – No Problems

Kancil 02– Manual – No Problems

Proton Waja 03 – Manual – No Problems

My driving instructor once told me;

Manual cars is where you control the car, Automatic’s is where the car controls you.
Driving instructor Bernard

I have no idea why auto cars do not go well with me.

Here is the 411: For the past seven month I was with out a car in Miri. The Ranger Rover (RR) did not want to start for some reason… I assumed it was the starter and wiring. So while waiting for the car to be fixed I walk to campus and borrow my friend’s car if I need to get somewhere. Well to cut a long story short, my parents finally towed the RR back home and got it fixed. The week after they came to Miri to collect me and hand over the RR car keys to me and send them back to Brunei. On the trip back to Brunei the battery warning light alighted. I told my dad this and he was wondering why. Just we got home; the air-con died wondering why this happen…got out of the car and heard the cars engine sounding different. Switching of the car and opening the hood and examining the engine, found the timing belt for the alternator broke.

Now since I had to get back to Miri for the Student Council 06 Curtin Sunset Carnival, I had to ask my uncle if I could borrow his car to get me back to Miri and use it for the next 2 week. He was gracious to let me borrow my cousin’s car who was studying in Singapore and currently no one was using the car. Came back to Miri. Four days has pasted and now my uncles car won’t start…Grrrrrr!

Currently waiting for the mechanic to from a workshop in Senadin to come by and see what is wrong with the car… my hunch is the sparkplug that is faulty. I can only hope that is all that is wrong and not anything more.

Car experts out there got any suggestion or explanation why…why autos are not compatible with me?

The frustration of it all!

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