Sunday, January 20, 2008


Its been over a half a year since my last entry if not even more… ‘writers block’ I guess or just there is no mood to type down anything that motivates me to write about.

There are just some-things that some people are lazy to write about, can’t be bothered to write about or just have to write about…this is mine…previous Friday, my sister & I decided to go watch a film on the big screen. Tagging along was my sisters’ best friend... ‘Ms.S. Well we went and watch Cloverfield…the latest film on the market next to Sweeny Todd …due to time constraints we choose the Cloverfield.

The trailer was excellent! A real teaser!

I anticipated a good film although I didn’t do my research about it before going to watch. Like majority of any anticipated film, this one fell just slightly short of my expectations. Not because of the idea or the concept of the whole film in general. I’ll go as far to say I am impressed that the film crews manage to shoot some of the scenes in Manhattan itself and the director using different techniques to tell the story. The only “BEEF” I have is the style it was shot in…hand held camcorder style…other words, if you have watch Blairwitch’s project…same thing. And if you get motion sickness from watching on the widescreen or any screen the wobbly & shaky scenes, then you better not go to your nearest cinema house to watch this. I am thankful that there were some scenes where the camcorder was put down on the ground and had a still image while actions were going around. But then again, if it was just like the norm, story telling from an omniscient view point then the impact would not be there…although the cinema was not packed but the film did give the viewers jolts of emotions of anger, anxiety, pity, awe and interjection of ‘Oh shit!’ in between. I admit I was one of them, when ever I manage to steal a glimpse before I laps into another set of headaches.

The feel of the film was like a documentary but of a fictional story. The director used the same astetics as a documentary (with out the voice over) and all the astetics of a Hollywood film. The idea of this film is what I though was pretty good. The ‘point of view’ and story telling of who ever is holding the camcorder. You learn as the person holding the camcorder learns. Such as when the person holding the camcorder runs into a electronic store and started to document images on the wide plasma screen of a live news broadcast of what was going on in Manhattan Island.

Neither prologue story nor what happen to the current recordee at the end although the director left enough for the spectators to speculate what happened, but you will never know. Just the story told from the camcorder held by various characters that was prominent, which I though was ingenious. As if the camcorder was a living, breathing thing like who ever was the holder of the camcorder. It was something to discuss over dinner (if you can stomach it) after watching it and at the same time try getting over the hangover.

So if you can stand watching Blairwitch’s project then I recommend that you go watch this flicker show.


hawatan said...

hey thr, your blog is active again!!!
Glad to see that!!
c u soon XD

kacangsoya said...

ur first post in nearly half a year...and all ur ramblings are on a movie. Nice! Btw, I'm stalking u.