Sunday, April 06, 2008

Children Carnival @ KRP

This post is for those that are participating as a volunteer. Tired of having to explain to each person about what are the things to do at the event…here is a break down of the Owww so hard work expected at children carnival.

KRP or formally known as Club Shell Lutong, will be the venue for Shell & Petronas Kids, this 12th April 2008.

There will be a Kids march at the beginning of the event & booth games.

March of the Kids

The march of the kids approximately the length of the football field and volunteers will be placed at stations along the route of the field.


Volunteers will be manning booths comprising of

  • Tossing the coin
  • Mini basketball
  • Mini football
  • Fish ducks
  • Canned Pyramids
  • (Possibly more games, TBA)

Approximately 3 people per booth


Curtin Volunteers! are to perform during a period during the event.

Current CV! Members will know the performance; new comers will be thought the steps…Very simple!


Good news lunch will be provided by KRP organizing committee…

Food: KFC (Sweet)

Helping: Limited (... awwww)

Availability of Volunteers

There are 20 slots allocated for Curtin Volunteers! and the current numbers is now 18.

Names of volunteers are as follows:

1) Zack

2) Ian

3) Aileen

4) George

5) Raymond

6) Angeline

7) Shanshan

8) Tze Fair

9) Michelle Phua

10) Michelle Thye

11) Kelvin

12) May

13) Allen

14) Kah Wai

15) Gerain

16) Tisha

17) Kevin Yee

18) Asfan

19) Azee

20) Ellena

Names are in no order. If there is any mistake in spelling your name(s) do contact me and I will rectify it.

Time of event is from 8am till 10am. Subjected to changes.

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