Saturday, July 12, 2008

Asian Pacific Rugby Tournament – Division 6

As promised, dear readers, I have broadband again! SWEET! Good times are back! Anyways, here is the post about my trip to Guam... Note: I didn't get to complete, limited internet thus had no mood to complete it.

As I post a previously, Brunei was invited to a three nation rugby tournament which means that Brunei has been bumped up a notched to division 6 on the world level. Different teams, tougher opponents, larger players, harder games! All this comes with the territory of being levelled up. published the names for the selected few to represent Brunei on this new chapter of rugby. This is a rough account of how the trip went.

24th June we all flew to Manila for a day as there are no excising flights from Brunei direct to Guam. Arriving in Manila International Airport around 10pm and about midnight we arrived in our fairly luxurious place, Richmond Hotel.

Just arrive @ Richmond Hotel

As normal mornings, we woke up to a morning jog. This time round the jog was brisk as the air around Manila is thick with smog; even my asthma was threatening my lungs as I walk out of the hotel lobby doors. Some quick drills and stretching on the streets behind our hotel. Then we all set out to look for a patch of land where we could train more, after several blocks and a security guard with a shot gun chasing us away [“this is private property! GET OUT!”] we found a stretch of un-used road where coach Zack decided to just make us sprint. As the minutes pass doing the sprints more and more cars stared to use the road and we ended the run and it was back to the hotel and up stairs again for a quick shower and breakfast and it was free and easy.

In Guam it was more or less similar, early morning jogs, breakfast, rest from breakfast through lunch and training at 3pm at a local high school soccer pitch, then dinner. Dinner depends on the day, if it was on game day, there would be a reception dinner with both teams seating together and having a chat after each match & on the none game days, dinner would be treated at the sponsoring restaurants, which includes Tony Rommas and Ban Thai. HSBC & Budwiser Light being the main sponsor for the whole tournament.

Photo Gallery

Ron, Ez & Hans : Just arrive at Guam International Airport!

The welcoming committee

The awesome bus!

The Marriott Hotel, Guam

View of the surroundings from the roomA closer look at the beach

All together now...Oooooo Ahhhhh!

Random Photos @ GuamPez I use to eat these as a kids! but they stop selling them in Brunei
.....Sad Sad Sad.....

Nachos with hot cheese..hmmmm

My i wish.... US$150/hour care to rent it!

A shop lot next to Marriott

A closer look....

Lol, not a view you would see often

More pictures to come...

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