Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Special Note of Thanks to Curtin Volunteers! (CV!)

To all my "babies" of CV!
Curtin Volunteers!
At time of trying to put all these into words, i have a mix feelings about everything -it won't fit if I were to list them down in here. But I am sure of one, and that I am so proud of all of you for all the untiring support and effort you have put into making the John Curtin Charity Month 2004 a great success, despite of all the challenges coming our way. Zillion of thanks to all those wonderful people who were involved, for without their sacrifices, commitement and team spirit, JCCM04 could not have happened.

A saying goes "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give". Sowing seeds that benefit others probably won't mean traveling to another country to serve the poor or anything like that, but to help others in your own small ways like what you have done, whether it's sacrificing your saturdays & sundays to reach out the community in need, or putting your desires on hold for the sake of your team's success. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others. The success journey will not look the same for everyone because the picture of success is different for every person. But the principles used to take the journey don't change.

My very special thanks to Serena and Jae - the two iron ladies who stand still with all the ups and downs ever since the initiation of CV in 2002. You both have brought CV to greater heights and remember, NEVER QUIT!

Gretchel - I could not have made Dance for Humanity a reality without you sacrificing your Hong Kong trip. Of course the rest of the CV dancers - Tiang, Ehon, Lis, Navodi, Iqbal, Jack, Kian, Barke, Fiona, Jae, Sara, VJ, KC, Azie, Bella, Joanna and the great Eng Kiat. We all were awesome!

Ehon - thank you for coordinating the Kidney Dialysis visit and the Love Box Campaign. Your spirit and enthusiasm are your strengths to share with others.

Iqbal - I have so much of things to say about you but first, let me thank you for coordinating the Blood Donation. I am always amazed by your friendliness. Your kindness and easy-going attitude have touched many people around you, and yes that is including me. I have no regrets that you are Mr. O-Week Feb 2004.

Tiang - with all the preparation you have done and your "never give up" spirit in coordinating the Sunflower visit, you have earned trust from others. From the moment of awarding the Mr. O-Week July 2004 title to you, I have seen big potential in you. Learn to grow and share with others.

Daryll - with a question "how can I help?", you became the head for the Maths Workshop facilitators. Thank you for a job well-done. The modules prepared are fun, inspiring and informative. Many thanks to the other facilitators - VJ, Iqbal, Serena, Jae, Jessie, Nadia, Lis, Amos, Edmund, Navodi, Bay, Jenny, Tiang, Ehon & Joanna. Great team!

VJ, Jenny & Navodi - Excellent Happy Hour for charity. My deepest appreciation for your hard work and preparation for a lovely night. My special thanks to Azie for without your live band perfomance, the night would be dull and empty. It is hard to imagine what some people had missed for not being there.

Bay - Your Charity Singing contest was a great success. I can still remember how nervous you were in the beginning, but hey, it turned out so well. To all my babies, the dancers - Gretchel, Giegel, Joanna, Lis, Bella & Icha: You guys were AWESOME!

Amos - i know you had lots of stress coping up with your studies and at the same time coordinating the Longhouse visit but it was fantastic. I must say, it's the best! For the rest who came, i can't thank you enough for your active participations.
Mother Teresa once said, "we can cure physical disease with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair & hopelessness is love".

You guys have brought that love to others and certainly to ME, and I thank you all, deep from the bottom of my heart.

Love - Abel

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