Sunday, February 06, 2005

Reflective Quote...

Past hurts, Past helps, Past cures


Story behind the quote:
This quote was told to me by my really good friend, Shaq. As we sat in Sinja Lounge with Joe and Erwan on a Saturday evening (‘Saturday night ritual ’ as my father would call it.) As we just arrived, a group of people were leaving. It was Erwan’s previous boss, and I saw a familiar face that was also getting up to leave with Erwan’s ex-boss. It was the mom and dad of a girl that I used to like and wanted to go out with back in my high school days… sadly, it didn’t happen. I went over to them and started to chat with them as I am close with them regularly visited them and their daughter back in the days. They informed that she was looking for me on her previous holidays…and asked me to visit them more often. We said our good byes and I went back and sat with the guy’s. Through out that time after meeting the parents, my mind was in constant flash backs and could not stop thinking about ‘her’…Shaq ask what’s wrong with me, because I was quite. It told him about ‘her’ and her parents that I just chatted to. Shaq mentioned the quote...

Past hurts, past helps, past cures – Shakespeare

Which made some sense to me. I will not say that I am a genius nor will is say that i am stupid and clam that I understand it. I am still figuring out what it means. All will come crystal clear in due time.

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