Saturday, February 12, 2005

Valentine is around the corner

Recent I bought the series, Smallville - Season Two DVD box set. It has been the most time that I have spent in front of my television since I went for a one day and two night’s movie marathon back in Canada. All two days consist mainly of watching back to back of the mystery, thrills, adventure, twisting story, and love of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and the man that he will become. His actions and my wanting to be in his shoes as he finally has the courage to tell Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) how much he wants to be with her and vise versa. Such a boyish fantasy but true, we all (men) would love to be in Clarks shoes as they (Clark and Lana) finally lock each others lips with such longing, tender, passionate and dreamy kisses. And reminds me of the time ages before when I had a chance with someone, but never took it. Reliving my past through Smallville and egging Clark on to make his move unlike what I should have done. Slapping my head, screaming “say it! Say it!”, “you should have told her your feelings”, “Kiss her!”, “DON’T DO THAT, FOOL!” and much more colorful vocabulary then I like to express here.

Just imagine, three DVD boxes; two DVD’s in each box; each DVD consists of four episodes except for the last disc (disc 6) which has three episodes. Each episode takes approximately an hour from prelude till the end credits. That clocks up a total of four hours per DVD disc. So the mathematical equation of this would look along the line of:

How many hours did the entire Smallville, Season 2 DVD Box set take of my life?

6 DVD disc, 1 disc has 4 episodes, minus the last disc which has 3 episodes. Each episode runs around an hour each.

6 DVD’s x 4 episodes (-1 episode) = 23 episodes
23 episodes x 60minutes = 1380 minutes

Answer and Conclusion:
Therefore in conclusion, SomeBaL has spent one thousand and eighty minutes watching the entire Season 2 of Smallville back to back or twenty three hours watching back to back of Smallville Season 2.

In lay-mans terms I have almost spent one hold day in front of my 30 by 30 centimeters television on my bed in my bedroom. It was fantastic! And if you are wondering did I spend all those hours constantly on my bed…the answer is no. I did get up to, run to the much needed potty break, make my feedings for lunch and dinner and the occasional walk around the house to keep the blood circulating into my legs. For those that knows my background well and ask how did I do this wondrous activity? I find in total luxurious comfort to answer that question in this simple and few words…home alone.

What I realize half way writing this post was that Valentines Day is around the corner and all I have to keep me company is a song titled “Mr. Lonely” sung by Akon (current theme song), introduced recently by a friend. Watching love stories from director Richard Loncraine who collaborated in making such movies as Notting Hill, Bridget Jones Diary, Wimbledon and all time favorite Love Actually and the genre a like. ‘Smallville’, ‘You got mail’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. These are my tools to get through another Valentines Day alone. Not good choice of tools I admit, but it makes me happy to see and hope that one day I may have that feeling in the movies of having someone special in your life and that I would not be alone next time around Valentines comes again.

Happy Valentines Day

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