Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Around the corner

It’s been almost 6 months since my last blog… who ever said life as a media student is free… Well let me start it off with a recent happening *hint: subject title*

For you readers that do not know what a ‘JPJ’ is? Well they are, in a sense, the road police in Malaysia.

On to the story…

Week free is on at campus, as exams are just around the corner. I decided to come to campus to check up on things from the student council office and head back home. As leaving campus, about to reach the security guard house, one of my friend highlighted me and wave me down from his car…*window winding down*

“…hey bro, seatbelts on…JPJ up ahead…” speed off’s

Puzzled, I look to the security guard for confirmation…He nods…I reached for my seat belt… “Ha ha ha…orang Brunei pun pandai takut…Ha ha ha” boomed the security guard.

“Ha ha ha” *drive past guard, expression changed “grrrrrr”

Driving pass the two humps and around the corner there I saw two JPJ cars parked on both sides of the road, bright orange cones littered between the JPJ’s cars and the officers. A number of fellow Curtin’ians was a head of me, so all I could do was to queue and wait for my turn. Got to one of the officers, roll window down…officer looks at license plates …opens to speak… “O, u oreng Brunei...ada jalan dari situ?” *pointing to the off road with is face*

Reply: Tak, saya belajar kat Curtin.

Officer: O….selalu pulang balik to Brunei?

Reply: No, terlalu banyak assignments.

Officer: assignments?

Reply: *just look at the officer with a question mark on my face…*

Officer: Liecen

Reply: * hand over my paper licence*

Officer: *studies “liecen”*

Officer: IC?

Reply: *hand over IC*

Officer: (My P.O.V.) *thinks hard to summon me, and start to sweat*

Officer: *About to ask another question…got cut off*

Reply: *produced my international driving licence….smirk*

Officer: *nothing to say…signal that I could go on my way*

This concludes this log…feeling lazy to continue…

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