Thursday, May 14, 2009


while I was I Perth, I did earn myself some cash and saved up to purchase a digital camera…DSLR, which I have always wanted. And now since I have gotten me one of em’ I have been playing around taking snap-shots of places and people during my time in Australia. A new hobby to say the least, and now since I am back in Brunei I will continue this hobby and try earn from it too.

At the moment I am at a cross road...unsure how to name/title this blog...

Theme: like any normal blog will have comments and thought, but this time this blog will also be a photo-blog... all I could think of was "SomeBal’s A truly acquired taste"

Have any idea...leave a comment... and if it sounds nice, it well maybe be my next title!

Dead line: 23th May 2009. at 11.00pm, so do send in your opinions.


hawatan said...

wow! finally u updated ur blog! What a surprise bro :)
Hmm... how "Somebal's Snap Shots - the path of his life" sound?

lol... a bit long long.. :P

omg.. i so gonna get a DSLR.. no money now.. T____T

Anonymous said...

Hey Bal!!

If you are figuring out who the heck is T, I am SHOCKED Teddy bear after the riotous time we all had at CfBT! Anyhoo .. how about The World According to Somebal or A Frozen Moment Captured by Somebal or Somebal's Kaleidoscopic World or Kaleidoscope ..bah adang tah with the suggestions hehehe