Thursday, August 20, 2009

Closure of blog....

Due to the fact that I have hardly updated my blog in ages, I have decided to shut-it-down.

But in its place, will be a photo-blog.... so technically there is not much difference, just that majority of the content will be photos w/ little wordings or no wordings at all. Since I have a pro account with flickr (and used most often) selected photos there will be posted here as well. What ever post I have in this blog will remain including all its links and photos for who ever wants to read. Naturally there will be a face lift of the overall photo-blog, so I apologies for any inconvenience. With that, "SomeBal - Squiggle of life..." has come to an end and will be henceforth be known as
"Somebal - Still clicks"

With respect.


Ham said...

*sob sob* t'was a good blog albeit rarely updated

oh well, hello Still Clicks of Life!

SomeBaL said...

yeah it was a good blog... farewell "Squiggle of life" & hello "Still Clicks"!