Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramadhan project

Ok this has been two days in waiting to be posted & been pretty hectic esp. when I have been absent from Brunei for the past 5 years and having done my fasting international, still getting accustomed once again to the so called 'Bruneian way';

Ramadhan is here again, and so since this is a new formed photoblog, I though of having a little project inspired by DustinDaiz - Project 365 (HomePage & Flickr), who happen to also inspire Lizadragon(Flickr) in her version of DustinDiaz's Project 365.

As I am not good as either of them (yet!) I decided to have a mini version of their 365 days project of my own - 30 day Ramadhan project. Its just 1 photo taken per day (posted up)during the 30 days of fasting, subject could be on anything to do with ramadhan or not. Just a fyi, this is nothing like Dustin "Strobits master" Diaz's work with all his equipment and such; its just me, my A200 and my flip-flops (hopefully by next month a strobist of my own).

And so begins this little project with 3 photos to make up for the missing days.

Day 1
Ramadhan - 01

Day 2
Ramadhan - 02

Day 3
Ramadhan - 03

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