Friday, July 13, 2007

Good bye 2006...Hello 2007

Took long enough to get this blog out...enjoy the read.

2006 has gone like the typical tropical weather what I have come to almost love. Sun shine, overcast, dark clouds looming in the distant – pitter patter of soft rain in May, hard-heavy droplets in December and almost constant rain through out the never ending summer on the equator. This year … Last year held an assortment of feelings and emotions.

Highlights of 2006

Beginning of the year; back to campus and the life of staying on your own.

Mid-year; Media trip to Kuala Lumpur, the discovery of Maple S.E.A

End of year; the coming home after a long period in Miri, cousin Zan back for good, Christmas dinner at Carols & New years get together.

Through out the year; event managing between Curtin Volunteers and Student Council

Annual New Year Eve family get together

Like all the other years we hold a party for close friends whom has become a second family for most of us. Like the previous years I would supply the venue which this time is the Beribi house in Gadong.

It has a large compound out front, a pool and gazebo in the back. The theme was thought up by Zan and Carol, which was to be a chill-out atmosphere, running parallel to this idea was the colour scheme: green and red.

Guest list: Shaq, Riadah, Riadah's frined, Carol, Joe, Dina, Bob, Zan, Rozman, Rozman’s spouse, Ulma, Ariphin.

It was a blast!

I wonder what 2007 will hold for this average over weight person that lives life for the moment and does occasionally plan for the future…

[Shout out to Brokenpixel who attended and produced excellent pictures from NYE 06/07 Annual party]

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