Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conspiracy theory...just a thought

My thoughts maybe in complete...was writing this a rush as not to forget what the idea that i had was about... enjoy....

I was just switching through channels on Astro while checking my email, Astro over the past 5 months has added more channels to their arsenal of media information and services.

Well there I am, flipping through channels like a text book that I an bored with but have to read through for an economic test…and found this particular channel Discovery History channel when they were showing about space and life aside from planet earth (forgot the programs name)*shrug* think to self ‘this would be a interesting channel to listen over while checking my mail…’ There I am clicking away at my emails that has accumulated over the past four weeks, when the commentator started to discuss moon dust and stones that could contain some sort of bacterial life form in a fossil form and that astronauts that walked the moon could carry or be effected by these alien bacterial life or even both. The commentator goes on to tell how Neal Arm Strong and his fellow astronauts after safely landing on earth was seen as heroes by the public, on the other hand they were seen as biological threat by NASA and other agencies and was in quarantine from when they first came out of their pod to a holding tank and paraded through the streets to an airstrip where they were flown to NASA to under go a series of test for a duration of 3 weeks to see if they were affected in anyway… concurrently the samples that the astronauts took back from the moon was also tested on plants and animals…just to see if anything would grow ABNORMALLY. In the end there was no threat. Guess its better to be safer then sorry.

Now this is where it gets interesting…the commentator mention, after that whole history lesson, about a mars fragment that crashed to earth. After a closer inspection there on the mars fragment was numerous of fossilised bacteria…There could possibly be life on Mars once upon a time. Being that Mars did have water at some period of time in the far past. My ears picked up another sentence that intrigued me…”2004 they sent a rover to Mars to collect samples”… Now this is where my brained kicked in, could some of these epidemics that came recently be a by product of Mars’sian origin or even be a result of tests conducted with these fossils that has mutated the bacteria to something like the brid flu (Afluenza) or even AIDS…

Don’t quote me, this is just a though…holidays are in and lots of free time to think about rubbish things.