Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hell starts from a jog...

First day of training, one word to sum it all up: OMGWTFBBQ!

[Well that’s more than a word, so sue me!]

This is how the day came to be;

Wakeup call at 4.00am, wash all the nook & crannies.

5am –Star our morning run, the course runs quite far...for a person that just came out of exams, sat behind a desk and computers for majority of the semester, typing away for assignments and editing film. THIS WAS GRULING! I was so unfit and embarrassed that even the morning birds stop chirping when I jogged by [attempted jog] or it could be the earth shaking after my foot fall 0_o. After the taxing jog, I found myself in front of our national stadium front steps. Remember Rocky doing the iconic run up the steps at a art museum? Just replay that scene ... O lets say for 20minutes...Ooooo I so hate stair after that! The jog ended when the sun was already up, roughly about 6++am. Made our way back to the sports village for Breakfast a well needed rest.

Rest for about 2 hours, and at 9am we made our way to the gym for our so called light weight training. In actual fact [for the forwards, like myself] we were doing 80kilos of weight lifting on average. If it was off-seasons that is fine...but so close to the game day ... we will still be healing if we were to continue these sorts of weights for the next 8 days... After going through a series of insane weight lifting, 300 sit-ups & 200 push-ups we were granted access to the national pool for some R&R. Just about 12noon we all got back to our replacement home for the next 8 days for lunch and more rest time. All rest included a cold shower & nice short nap to recharge the worn out batteries.

Around 3pm we headed to one of the fields that we normally train at, on foot. It was about 9km from where we all live. Once on the field we did the drills and plays as of what any club or team would do. Around 6pm we were let off to walk back to our living quarters to freshen up and grab some dinner. Unfortunately I was late arriving for dinner [really took my time on the cold shower] all that was left for me was a few large spoons full of rice and sweet corn soup [which was most excellent]. The day ended with a team meeting to discuss the happenings and what to aspect on this coming trip.

Now, this is just the 1st day of the training camp and there is another 8 more days to go. The same thing over and over again. I so hope I can last through this whole ordeal, to be honest especially during the morning jog I was tempted to quit, but remembering that this is once in a life time chance to play Rugby on a national level in GUAM and that they [the team] will be a man short if I were to leave...the hell with it just keep going on... place one foot in front of the other...don’t look a head where the road ends ... look up and focus on the morning sky ... just concentrate on the road that I am on & commit to finishing this!


RayMonD said...

Yeah!!! Keep it up! You go GIRL!! i mean... Bal! xD

BaLQiz said...

well well well didnt know you have a blog my dear! will definately come here again! cheers