Sunday, June 08, 2008

'Meet the Spartan' National Service style

Was in Coffee Bean, in Miri today, to do some studying...when something on tele caught my eye. A new corporate advertisement endorse done by the Malaysian government to promote National Service. IT WAS HILARIOUS

It was something like "National service" + "meet the Spartan"+"Disney"

I guess it was to attract the younger generation to join voluntary. BUT OMG...even my Malaysian friends who were beside me saw this they were ashamed, disgusted and told me that 'that' advert was miss leading. Once of them was in PLKN and what the corporate advert shows was an exaggeration of what it is really like. Would love to share the clip with you, but could not fine it anywhere on Youtube. Hopefully someone will upload it to

So far I have witnessed two different adverts with the same outlining and sing along to the tune of National Service.

If you want to watch these ads yourself, go and turn on your tele to TV3.


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