Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Guam, hear of if?

Westerners (not talking about the West Malaysians) would defiantly have heard of Guam. For your information Guam is a territory of the United States of America. I am not going to tell you the whole story of Guam if you are interested to find out more visit Wikipedia for all the historical background and demography if Guam.

Anyway, in short, it’s a tourist haven of scenery both on land and under the sea. That is as much as I knew on the top of my head . For those that have a lack of visual stimulant impaired ....


Coastal view
(Picture from www.davidmacd.com)

Yes this is the island, beautiful ain't it!

Yes, this is the actual island...but it has over 7 major hotels...5stars hotels! No play play!

  • Hilton Guam Resort & SPA,
  • Westin Resort Guam,
  • Hyatt Regency Guam,
  • Hotel Okura,
  • Hotel Nikko Guam

just to name a few. Here is an atlas image of where Guam is...

It's way smaller then Singapore(707.1 km²) ; Guam (541.3 km² ), population of Guam is appox 173 thousand, where as my own country is just about 99o thousand.

Anyway, I will be going there on a good will sporting event. A national level rugby tournament. Somewhere in late June will be taking off, flying back roughly on 4th July (Independence day, N.America) or 5th July. Cross fingers it's the later...XD

Will upload images of my trip to Guam here, once I get back or while I am there...we will see.


Kimberley said...

you only wrote this to brag!!!!

SomeBaL said...

Its not par say to brag, just to inform and its not often i get to quote-unqoute "brag" of where i am going. Lol

Nysa said...

you lucky bas----... smuggle me in? im small enough to fit a big luggage.