Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ultraman days revived [Updated]

A blast from the past

I use to remember the day’s way back in the early 80’s when Ultraman was the rave back in Brunei. Among my most favourite characters from the Ultra-family was Ultraman Joe or also known as Ultraman Jonias. Back then I only knew him as Ultraman, since he was my encounter with Ultraman

I remember when I was a kid, I love to watch over and over the VHS.

[Note to the X's, Y's generation VHS is also commonly known as video tapes. Look in your parents storage area and you will be able to find a fat black tape, and if you are lucky enough a VHS player will be near by... ]

A VHS tape....All together now..Ooooo! Aaaaahhhhh!...

If you are and Ultraman fan here is a little not known fact. Quite a few people out there believe that Ultraman Joe was not part of the Ultra family as he gets very little air play [as in a fully manned costume suit]. Joe did get recognize by the Ultraman creators and was shone in some Ultraman featured films

But there are a few comics that are out there that have Ultraman Joe and his colleagues, whom have similar designs, depicted in manga.

As the story goes Joe is from Constellation U40, where as the other Ultra beings are normally from the “Land of Light” in Nebula M78. But there are clips that show Ultraman Joe in a group with the other Ultraman’s.

Produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Sunrise, it was fairly Americanised although it kept its originality of being Japanese [if that makes any sense...it does to me >.<] If you are inn to this then I suggest you, dear reader , to go and do your own research.

Just felt like bring this up again...a blast from the past

Here is the opening credit for Ultraman Joe...man this brings back memories!

Such a catchy tune!

Here is a scene from Ultraman Joe


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